Neighbourhood diversity indices script

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Dataset Abstract

This script calculates several diversity indices within a given radius of a point in an Exploratory plot.

You can either export the tree data file and import the data as a .csv file or use the
rbefdata R package to import the data into R from the portal.

You must set the plotid, radius, x and y coordinates and whether you would like the indices to be based
basal area or number of individuals and on only focal species or all species in the plot.

You can either set them here in the script and call the function or upload a .csv file that contains the
plotid, x, y coordinates in separate columns to calculate the indicies for several sampling points in different plots (example csv file is uploaded as well). Note: all the plots must be in the tree data file (i.e. from the same region).

The diversity indices are:

1. Restricted species richness: the number of target species in the area
2. Species richness: the number of species in the area
3. Shannon index (H)
4. True Shannon index (exp(H))
5. Simpson's index (D)
6. True Simpson's index (1/D)
7. Pielou's index (H/ln(S))

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