Biomass calculation script and references

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Dataset Abstract

This dataset contains an R function that calculates the biomass of focal tree species in the Exploratory plots. It also includes an excel file containing the references for each of the published equations.

Equations are also included for some of the non-focal tree species. The function will return NA if no equation exists for the given species.

Please contact Tommaso in case of questions regarding the function.

Spatial Extent

Includes biomass equations for all focal tree species in all regions.

Freeformat files (2)

  • Biomass_equation_references.xlsx (11.5 KB)
    References for the biomass equations for the focal species in each region.
  • Biomass_function.R (3.05 KB)
    R script to calculate the biomass of all focal tree species based on species identity, DBH, height and region.