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Dataset Abstract

This is a script to synthesize FunDivEUROPE exploratory platform data. It combines many datasets from the FunDivEUROPE exploratory platform, related to tree biodiversity and composition, ecosystem functions and the diversity of associated organisms and puts it into a single dataframe. Originally, this R script was developed to study forest diversity and ecosystem multi-functionality, but it can also be used for other synthesis projects.

Note that there are two associated R files which need to be stored in the working directory to make this script fully function: the "supporting functions.r" and "plot_diversity_indices.r" files. 'plot_diversity_indices.r' is in the project: Tree community composition, diversity and regeneration (T.II.1).

Before running the script, don't forget to fill in the correct working directory (line 23) and password (line 29) and make sure the supporting function is in the working directory.

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